It’s been a while, eh? Well, nothing much’s happened here. I’m on high gear with wedding preparations, which is just 1 month away now!!! The control freak in me can’t help but think that I’m missing something out, something crucial which will make or break the whole wedding reception! But with my wedding planner reminding me of outstanding items along the way, I think we should have everything covered. Fingers crossed.

Last month, I was invited to model for Carven Ong (who’s making my wedding gown) for the inaugural ‘Jamuan Teh Malaysia‘ (Malaysia Tea Party) at Prince Hotel – where Carven’s shop is now based. It’s a fundraising event jointly organised by Breast Cancer Welfare Association(BCWA) and National Cancer Society Malaysia(NCSM) and was initiated by the Australian High Commission. Besides sipping on BOH tea, the guests enjoyed a fashion show featuring Carven Ong Couture and Rafflesia Jewellery and celebrity chef, Chef Wan was there to meet and greet guests as well.

The ‘models’ – From left: Amber Chia, Xandria Ooi, Me, Soo Wincci, Cindy Chen and Karmen Khor – I’m the shortest one here…

Xandria and I in our 2nd outfit. Xan and I actually started off in the industry at the same time – we were both products of the Hitz.TV UVJ Search in which she won.

I’ve always knew she would go far in this industry because she is one of the most ambitious person I know and she works really hard to be where she is now. Not only is she hosting a show that she’s producing herself under her own production house, she’s also a professional emcee, an author, a journalist and she has also added the title of fashion designer to her resume – designing a range of convertible clothes for Eclipse.

I seriously admire people like Xandria who goes after what they want with such tenacity, because personally, I’m more of a ‘whatever comes, comes’ kind of person. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad but it has worked for me so far. I’m currently at another crossroad in life, the last crossroad I faced came 4 years ago when I had to make a decision on whether I should give up a stable job for a life in the entertainment industry and I’ve chosen the latter.

4 years later, I’m getting married, I’ve been hosting the Quickie for 2 years plus now and getting jobs here and there, but I’m still not satisfied. I feel like I need to grow as a person and what I’m doing now is not affording me any sort of advancements in life. I feel like my brain cells are slowly dying, I’m not using them enough, I’ve become so comfortable and jaded with life. I don’t even know what to do to further improve! I need to find something else to challenge myself again. That’s why I’ve decided not to renew my contract with the Quickie when it ends in December.

I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do after that but I guess, whatever comes, comes. Maybe I’ll go back to school, take up a new course, maybe I’ll have a total career change (pre-school teacher?) , maybe I’ll just stay at home and be a mother, but for now, I’m just thinking about making money to pay for the wedding!! 🙂 Let me tell you now, if you don’t already know…. weddings are expensive!! A lot of times, I’ll be thinking, hey, it’s a once in lifetime thing so it’s ok to splurge, but once I added everything up, buying a house would be a better once in a lifetime investment!! And because I’m not famous enough and also coz I’m too shy to ask, I’m not getting anything sponsored. 🙁

Anyways, I’ll definitely post everything about my big day(s) -2 receptions, in Kuching and KL- here once we’re done with it so do stay tuned for it! Till then, take care everyone!!

Love, Bel

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  1. Ee Loe

    Oh no belinda chee! I love to see you on TV and magazines! Please keep your exposure constantly after your weddings!
    Saw you at Bangsar Shopping Centre but I am too shy to ask for a photograph.
    this bride-to-be is beautiful and elegant.

    Wish you the best in your career and also your personal life!
    All the best to you!

  2. cathj

    All the best on your wedding (Oh 100% agree.. wedding is expensive… and it will continue.. after the wedding… the house…and the children.. the food for family and the children educations… bla..bla..bla)

    What ever it is.. all the best with your ambition too.. and every simple step you take..

    Ow.. ended contract with Quickie?? owww….. o.O

  3. L30nArD

    Im certainly looking forward to your wedding day Bel and I’m kinda surprised to know you wont be renewing your contract with Quickie anymore but I believe change is good and most of the time it’ll bring you to a whole new level. All the best ya ?

    Lastly ! Whateva Comes…Comes ! HAHAHA

  4. denoo

    Hi Belinda,

    It is so sad that you are leaving 8tv Quickie.Anyway,all the best for your wedding and who said that you are not famous enough……..

  5. Crystal

    hey bel,

    You should get sponsors…everyone know who you are…So no worries just wrote them a nice letter and they will do their part 🙂

    Anyway post more pic on your wedding k? You are so lucky!
    Here’s to you and Joe!

    Take care and congrats 🙂


  6. Careen Tan

    hey belinda,

    i can identify myself with you. i’m also the ‘whatever comes, comes’ type of person. but i’m happy, because life’s too short to be over-ambitious 😉 it’s the little things in life that count. and let me tell you that you’re doing great in whatever you do so far 🙂

    enjoy the process of your wedding prep! am sure you’re gonna be one of the most beautiful brides around 🙂 post up pictures!


  7. Charles Choy

    Relax sikit le… 🙂 Most important is to enjoy your … not only your wedding, but your marraige itself! You can’t enjoy your own wedding if you worried too much about the event, and miss out the process itself.

    So let go and leave it to the wedding planner to “worry”. You enjoy your own wedding. 🙂

  8. Anis

    Hi Bel .

    u’re one of the reason why i watch the Quickie u know. i’m sad u’ll be leaving Quickie like rina, phat fabes and raziff. u guys were awesome and very kelakar ;D but yeah, like u said, u need to grow as a person. u need a change and bigger things in ur life so probably u’re right. u know whats the best for yourself. whatever it is, i wish u all the best and congrats on your wedding 😉

  9. yivon

    Looking forward for your upcoming wedding ..
    🙂 Love the photo you posted on your FB !
    More please!
    Congrats and Best wishes Bel!
    Regards to Joe !

  10. thomas lim

    hey belinda,

    congrats! hope for many happy years for you….i just found out that you could speak hokkien….anyways…just found out ’bout your own site. just my 2 cents, marriage is expensive but you’ll always be “compensated”…so, it’s not so bad after all. money and fame isn’t always everything (this coming from a sour grape). most importantly is to earn enough and then be happy when you spend it! hehe.. lastly, keong hee! keong hee!

    penang kia and proud of it…

  11. STEVE

    Congrats on u Bel….ur Wedding party is very good, elegant and successful……and tonight u r the most beauty bride …hahaha… i think wat u spend on the wedding is a kinda of best investment once in your life time……wish u bak lin hou hap…hahaha

    Take care and Congrats


  12. yong sean

    congatulations Belinda!!!Hope u will live happy and cherful ever after!!!You are beautiful in weeding dress and i think you are the most beautiful bride!!!hahaha!!!your husband are very lucky o he marry you!!!wish you zou sang kuai ji!!!

  13. Debbie

    Like everyone agrees, you’re way more famous than what you think.
    I’m pretty sure if you ask for sponsors,
    you’ll definitely get them.

    cheers. =)


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