Saturday February 25, 2006


For those of you who know me or have seen me somewhere, you would’ve probably noticed my unmistakable, ugly-hunchback-of-notre-dame, hunch. Remnants of my old swimming days…..I used to swim Breastroke (or Kuak Katak) you see and to achieve a streamlined body, when one comes out of the water, both shoulders have to get really close to the face….like so..

So after years of training my body to do a streamline, my then forming bones are now stuck at that position, so if you look down on me from a bird’s eye view, my shoulders might look a bit like a boomerang. But never fear, tadaa!!!! The back brace is here!!

Was gonna go see a chiropractor about it but friends suggested using a back brace first because if I went to see a chiro, they’ll recommend the use of it anyway and you have to pay them an extra 400 bucks just to tell you that. So Joe bought me this one today at the pharmacy, costs only RM60. It is actually quite comfortable and hopefully it’ll do the job. Althought I do think that it’s not the brace pulling my shoulders back that will make me stand straight, more than anything else, I think the brace serves as a constant reminder for me to stand and sit straight and therefore might help in the long run. I can’t wear it to sleep, coz it might prevent proper circulation so I’ll only be wearing it when I’m at home with nothing to do, don’t want to look like a freak wearing some bodysuit out in the streets, right? Well, here’s to the back brace working and me, looking taller as I stand straighter. hehehehe……Take care people!!!! And LAY OFF THE CHICKEN!!! at least for the next few weeks/months until all this bird flu thing is sorted out.


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  1. lady2isis

    well, i always told u should do something abt it and am glad u finally have.

    you have very nice and broad shoulders, straighten your back and flaunt them!

    and yes, they do remind me of the Fifth Element thingy 🙂

  2. chukwang

    hey hey belinda…:)

    i got a partner for amazing race liow. its Wyn. 🙂

    ha just came back from melb on thurs. haha.

    wish us luck ya. he says hi.


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