Thursday September 8, 2005

Thanks for all the words of encouragement (and the nasty comments as well ) guys! Really appreciate it. I’ve been campaigning hard this past week (desperate laaa…), some of you might’ve gotten my mass email, and everywhere i go, the people i meet, I’ve been telling them to watch the show but vote for their favourite (see, I give everyone a fair chance ). But still…VOTE FOR BEL ok?? Voting lines open this Sunday and you can send as many votes as you like from after the show at 8:00-8:30 p.m. There’s also a landline to call to vote, my fixed line number is 13703. This week’s episode will showcase our little acting class/stint at KLPAC.

On a slightly damper note, my grandma got admitted into the hospital 2 days ago. She had clogged arteries. Had to be operated on immediately. She’s feeling much better today. Been busy running back and forth from the hospital to home for the past 2 days, but my family and I are all glad that she’s out of the danger zone now. She’ll be discharged tomorrow. For a 78 year old who has just gone through an operation, she’s pretty strong. She could sit up and walk by herself already. And she can’t wait to get home. So please do me another favour if you guys will, on top of the voting, please pray for my grandma so that she’ll be alright and will have a speedy recovery.

I guess that’s about it for now. Gotta go sleep. Gotta wake up earlier and get to KLCC by 10am tomorrow to get my 5g Gold Bar. I’m so excited! Never won anything from a ‘fill-in-the-form’ competition before! Love ya’ll!!

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  1. claudiachuah

    hey just came across you site and read bout your grandma..mine went through the same thing a couple of years back. she could walk and all not long after the operation too..amazing isnt it how strong they are sometimes..anyways good luck with your campagning and hope your grandma feels better soon.



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